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Handmade crochet items are individually crafted with care and attention to detail, making each piece truly unique. No two handmade crochet items are exactly the same, giving you something special that stands out from mass-produced products.


Roberta F.
Heart Granny Crochet Blanket Pattern

"Clear instructions, photos and videos. Great communication from vendor and wonderful design. Thank you, Crochet Cats"

Daffodil Granny Square Pattern

"Item was a download. The pattern is easy to read and the pictures are in color and way better than expected! Will order again!"

Marilyn D.
12 x Crochet Snowflakes With a Heart

Very nice work, international shipping, the customer service was more than excellent. This is a very honest person. Excellent work and customer service.

Katie B.
5 x BlossomCraft Floral Crochet Hook Set

"Very cute! My friend loves it!"

Peggy L.
Beautiful EMPTY Crochet Floral Hook Case

"Thank you for my case!"

Joyce S.
Heart Crochet Coaster, Crochet Coaster Set

"I liked the red hearts."

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