14 x ColorSplash Crochet Hook Set With Case, 2.25-10mm


Indulge in the beauty of crafting with our the ColorSplash Crochet Hook Set—a collection of 14 stunning crochet hooks adorned with floral prints, perfectly complemented by a matching case.

Why Choose the ColorSplash Crochet Hook Set?

Beautiful Floral Prints: Each crochet hook in this set is adorned with vibrant and enchanting floral prints, transforming your crochet sessions into a blossoming garden of creativity. Craft with tools that inspire and delight.

Versatile Hook Sizes: With 14 sizes: 2.25mm/ 2.75mm/ 3.25mm/ 3.75mm/ 4.0mm/ 4.5mm/ 5.0mm/ 5.5mm/ 6.0mm/ 6.5mm/ 7.0mm/ 8.0mm/ 9.0mm/ 10.0mm; this set is a comprehensive toolkit for all your crochet projects. Whether you’re creating delicate lace or chunky blankets, these hooks offer the perfect size for every creative endeavor.

Material: The hooks feature plastic printed handles and aluminum crochet hooks. The combination ensures a comfortable grip and smooth stitching, allowing you to crochet with ease and precision.

Matching Case for Organization: Keep your Crochet Hooks organized and easily accessible with the included matching case.

Lovely Crochet Kit: Ideal for both beginners and experienced crafters, this crochet hook set is a perfect addition to your toolkit. Enhance your crochet journey with a touch of floral elegance.

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What’s Included in Your Purchase?

🌟 Set of fourteen ColorSplash Crochet Hooks in various sizes with its matching case.

Ready to transform your crochet experience? Click the “Add to Cart” button, and your set of 14 x ColorSplash Crochet Hooks will be on its way to your doorstep. Craft comfortably and create masterpieces with every stitch!



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