Crochet Blocking Board 19.5cm


Crochet Blocking Board – Unlock Your Crafting Potential


  1. Sturdy Wooden Material:
    • Crafted from 2cm thick bamboo wood with an oak base, this crochet blocking board is robust and durable. Perfect for beginners, providing a sturdy foundation to enjoy the delightful art of crocheting.
  2. Professional Blocking Setup:
    • The Crochet Blocking Board boasts 14 holes in each row, totaling 196 holes for blocking. The set includes 10 stainless steel needles, 5 stainless steel needles with large eyelets – ensuring you have all the tools you need for your crocheting endeavors.
  3. Safe to Use:
    • The entire board has undergone multiple rounds of polishing and painting, resulting in a smooth surface. This ensures a safe and enjoyable crafting experience without the risk of scratching your hands or projects.
  • Size:
    • 19.5CM
      1× Crochet Blocking Board
      1× Base
      10× Steel Rod Pin
      5× Needles


Transform your crochet projects with our Crochet Blocking Board. Crafted with precision, this board provides a sturdy and professional platform for your crocheting endeavors. Order now and elevate your crafting experience!


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