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Here at Crochet Cats we love everything about crochet!

We want to bring you the easiest and most striking crochet patterns, easy to follow tutorials, beautiful yarns, lovely crochet hooks and handmade products.

We’re always happy to consider guest posts, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line via the Contact Us page.

If you have a crochet pattern you would like us to share, we’ll be happy to share it with a link back to your website.

Latest Posts

How to Crochet: 8 Basic Crochet Stitches for Beginners

What Is a Slip Knot? A slip knot is a knot that you’ll use to attach your yarn to the crochet hook. Making a slip knot is the first step in your crochet projects.   Does The Slip Knot Count As A Stitch? No, the slip knot does not count as a stitch. When you’re...

Gemstone Lace Dress

"I made this Gemstone Lace Dress for my daughters 2nd birthday! With over 60 hours of work, it's one of my favorites project by far. I used almost 1,000 yards of Aunt Lydias Crochet Thread (Size 10) and a 1.80mm Crochet Hook! It was so worth it to spend so much time...

Two Hour Toddler Beanie

This Two Hour Toddler Beanie is a great project to work up when you have a few hours to yourself in the afternoon. Worked up in just one solid color, this crochet beanie pattern is a simple piece that is crazy easy to customize. If you are making a hat for a little...

Belted Crochet Poncho

"This beginner crochet kids belted poncho pattern is so stylish and easy to make. This pattern requires only two stitches to complete and works great with baby yarn or any soft yarn. You can adjust the sizing just by adding or removing rows. It is a very forgiving and...
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We are addicted to crochet! Our aim is to provide you with beautiful yarns, crochet patterns, crochet accessories, tutorials and handmade products. If you are a crocheter, download our free planner here.

Our Vision

We would love to help crochet addicts to carry on with their amazing craft!

With yarns, crochet hooks, crochet patterns and free crochet tutorials we aim to keep this lovely craft alive.

If you have a crochet blog or crochet store, we are happy to share your posts or project on Pinterest. Let’s connect and keep pinning! 🙂 

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We are 100% transparent with our curated patterns. We will always link back to the original source material, patterns or products and give you full credit. We will send our readers over to your site and help you get more views.

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