Stark Difference Pocket Shawl

£ 5.00

If you like pocket shawls/wraps, then you will LOVE this one! It combines the pocket shawl concept with the triangular shape shawl, so it covers your back to give you added warmth & comfort. You will fall in love with the rich texture and unique triangular shape of this wrap. It can be made without the beaded pockets and it’s still beautiful.

Skill level: Advanced beginner - Intermediate


▸Yarn: #5/Chunky weight

NOTE: This pattern also works with a #4/Worsted weight yarn. It will likely turn out a little shorter down the back.

▸Yardage: ~1000-1200 yards

▸Hooks:* 6.5mm & 8.0mm

NOTE: The #5/Chunky yarn I used called for a 6.5mm, but I went up to 8.0mm on the body of the wrap for more drape. I used 6.5mm for the pockets.

▸Other: 20 Beads (12 or 14mm size)


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