Cuddle and Play Elephant Baby Blanket

£ 6.69

"Pattern is written over 15 pages and contains very detailed written description supported by a lots of notes, detailed photos, links to tutorials and videos for the hardest parts of the pattern. I’ve used a special marking method so you don’t need to guess where to sew on parts or embroider things (ears, eyes etc.). This ensures that you get the same end result as the one I have. Many customers (including beginners) already tried this and my other patterns in this series of blankets and achieved an amazing results.

I came up with an idea for this multipurpose blanket with a thought of it being baby’s favourite TOY TO PLAY as well as something to CUDDLE and KEEP WARM while sleeping. This blanket is especially handy when travelling either in a pram or a car seat. It can also be hanged over the cot (and tied in to it with ribbons) when not in use or for smaller babies to look at."


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